Eye Cover

An eye cover, or sleep mask, is a soft and contoured accessory designed to block out light, promoting better sleep and relaxation. It typically features adjustable straps for a comfortable fit and is widely used for sleep aid and travel to create a dark sleeping environment.

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An eye cover, also known as an eye mask or sleep mask, is a small, soft, and lightweight accessory designed to cover the eyes to block out light and promote better sleep or relaxation. Here’s a brief description of an eye cover:


  • Soft and Contoured: Eye covers are typically made of soft, comfortable materials like silk, satin, or foam, and they are contoured to fit the shape of the face and eyes.
  • Adjustable Straps: Many eye covers feature adjustable straps or elastic bands to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.


  • Light Blockage: The primary function of an eye cover is to block out light, creating a dark environment for sleeping, meditating, or relaxing.
  • Promotes Better Sleep: Eye covers are often used to help improve the quality of sleep by minimizing disturbances caused by light.

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