Puffer Jacket with Hood

A puffer jacket with a hood is a warm and insulated outerwear piece, typically filled with down or synthetic material, known for its quilted design. The attached hood adds extra protection against the cold and wind. These jackets are versatile, ideal for cold weather and various outdoor activities, and come in a range of colors and styles to suit different preferences.

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A puffer jacket with a hood is a versatile and warm outerwear piece, typically characterized by its quilted design and insulating material. Here’s a concise description of a puffer jacket with a hood:


  • Quilted and Insulated: Puffer jackets are known for their quilted or padded design, with insulation material (often down or synthetic fill) that provides excellent warmth.
  • Attached Hood: The hood is an integral part of the jacket, providing additional protection from the cold and wind.
  • Zipper Closure: Puffer jackets typically have a front zipper for easy wear and temperature control.

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