Tank Top

A tank top is a sleeveless shirt with narrow shoulder straps and a scooped neckline. Often made from lightweight fabrics like cotton, it is a versatile garment suitable for casual wear, athletic activities, and layering. With various styles, including basic solids and prints, tank tops are popular choices for warm weather and everyday comfort.

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A tank top is a sleeveless shirt with thin shoulder straps and a scooped neckline, forming a “T” shape over the upper body. Here’s a brief description:


  • Sleeveless and Strap Style: Tank tops have no sleeves and feature narrow shoulder straps. They can have different strap configurations, including racerback or spaghetti straps.
  • Scooped or Rounded Neckline: The neckline of a tank top is typically scooped or rounded, exposing the shoulders and collarbone.


  • Lightweight Fabrics: Tank tops are often made from lightweight and breathable materials like cotton, jersey, or blends, making them suitable for warm weather.

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