Vest Jacket

A vest jacket is a sleeveless outerwear piece, available in different lengths and materials. It’s a versatile layering option suitable for various seasons and styles, offering comfort and style, whether you prefer a sporty or elegant look.

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A vest jacket, often referred to as a sleeveless jacket or simply a vest, is a versatile piece of outerwear designed without sleeves. Here’s a concise description of a vest jacket:


  • Sleeveless and Open Front: Vest jackets are characterized by their sleeveless design and an open front. They typically lack sleeves, making them different from traditional jackets.
  • Variety of Lengths: Vest jackets come in various lengths, including waist-length, hip-length, and longer options, allowing for different style preferences and layering possibilities.
  • Collar Options: Some vest jackets have collars, while others are collarless, offering different style choices.


  • Diverse Fabrics: Vest jackets can be made from a wide range of materials, from lightweight fabrics like nylon for outdoor activities to more formal options like wool or faux fur for added warmth and style.

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